It's 1940. An accident caused by Gellert Grindelwald brought three other generations to a time on the brink of a World War. Even though the Dark Lord is nowhere to be found, there's conflict among the wizards' factions, all the while some of them are disappearing without a trace. Rumours are the Muggles are not just standing by anymore... (Wizards and muggles allowed.)

Wanted Ads

Gry.: 10
Huff.: 06
Rav.: 11
Sly.: 13
G Era: 07
M Era: 16
P Era: 12
F Era: 07
OOTP: 11
Death Eaters: 08
Grindelwald: 07
Neutrals: 15
S.I.R.: 00
Muggles: 01
F: 22
M: 21
NB: 00
18 (43)

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